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Digital participants management

Personal. Simple. Digital.

We offer everything from a professional web registration to an event website – our multimedia all-round service gives you the opportunity to present your event on the web and to evaluate the necessary data quickly, securely and easily.

Our experienced team will be happy to assist you with the:

  • Design of event websites
  • Creation of event-related web registrations
  • Continuous optimisation, support and reporting during the progress of the project

Maximum reach

  • Design and programming of an individualised event website for on-line registration. We are happy to use your own CRM solutions or bring our software in. Our virtual platform uses an integrated participant management tool.
  • Determination of the registration process. Open vs. closed registration.
  • Determination of restricted access, login-controlled areas.
  • Idea, concept, design and dispatch of all necessary documents (e-brochures and flyers, invitation emails, on-line registration forms including employer approvals, confirmation emails, reminder emails).
  • Allocation of a toll-free hotline with a designated contact person.

Registration from A to Z

Your personal participant management contact will take care of:

  • Research and completion of incomplete (participant) data and information
  • Verification of the employer’s authorisations
  • Collection of participant fees by credit card payment using integrated payment system (optional additional service)
  • Regular reporting in the form of status reports to customers (optional: personalised access to the CRM backend)
  • Congress registrations including information and access mailing
  • Contact for any queries of the participants

Facts & figures

Our participant management helps your guests to arrive safely and comfortably at their venue, be it for a face-to-face, hybrid or virtual meeting (always in compliance with the relevant compliance guidelines). It manages all kinds of reservations for you (overnight stays, workshop places, participant or registration slots).
Our specialists for facts and figures provide you with:

  • The number of participants for each programme item at any time
  • Updated workshop or slot lists
  • Individual evaluations you request
  • Transparency reporting tailored to your company
  • Latest room lists
  • Status updates on group flight bookings
  • Detailed arrival and departure lists
  • Full individual attendance documentation for virtual formats


The power of language

We have a sympathetic and understanding ear for any concerns your participants may have. And we will satisfy just about any wish they have (as long as we can make it possible within the framework of the compliance guidelines). Your participants will receive all further information in well-portioned and comprehensible form and, of course, on the basis of the jointly developed, CI-compliant communication plan.

  • Confirmation letter by e-mail
  • Individual travel and accommodation suggestions (for face-to-face meetings) or individual agenda compilation for virtual formats
  • Invoicing of the participation fee
  • Information on the programme, arrival and departure, and the conference location
  • Travel documents (flight or train tickets) by e-mail
  • Log-in information on virtual meetings
  • If necessary, friendly reminders of any kind !


E-meet and gree

Even in the virtual venue, you want your guest to be looked after just as excellently and courteously as before the event. No problem ! Your contact person, who now knows all the participants very well in the meantime, will look after the entire accreditation process on request:

  • Welcome of the participants at the info counter using the chat function
  • Permanent contact person for you and the participants during the entire event
  • Upon request – attendance control & documentation by an integrated on-line accreditation system