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Green meetings

About Greenline

Greenline stands for:

Greenline stands for:
Using sources,
Protecting resources.

A responsible approach to nature and profit-oriented economic efficiency do not have to be incompatible.
We offer original events to our demanding clients and also arrange your congresses, conferences, meetings and team-building programmes. Diversity and fairness become the driving force for your success.


Greenline is short for:

Stable change.

In this way, we create added value from the symbiosis for companies, participants and nature. As part of the challenges of our time, modern and future-oriented companies are united in their claim to create a new balance between people, the environment and the economy. Together with you, we are already taking action today:

In doing so, we do not lose sight of your goals.

And of course, you save money along the way, especially on the impact on nature.



Recycling instead of disposal – where this is not practicable, we make sure to use certified material made from renewable raw materials.


We encourage climate-conscious travel and pay carbon offsets for our shipping. Where possible, we favour digital meetings to reduce the impact of travel.

Location, food & accommodation

Selection of conference locations, accommodation and food trends according to ecological aspects: Comfort and climate protection are not a contradiction for us !

Essential points

Mindfulness, human relations, development of sustainability: We have a large pool of trained and certified speakers.

The future is uncertain and full of challenges – our events focus on your customers and employees. Sovereignty through regeneration: looking inside opens up the view into the world.

We rely on experience

For us, there is no such thing as bad weather – diverse problem-solving strategies make us competent partners and providers of ideas.

We take the time to make your event a worthwhile experience. Individual achievement is the basic prerequisite for far-reaching success – the stronger the community, the greater the diversity of development for the individual. During our events, visions and strategies are developed and sustainably carried into the business fields.

Our team development measures under Greenline aspects awaken passion as well as enthusiasm and strengthen the group feeling. We believe in moving from the safety of our four walls to a camp under the canopy of the sky: in the boundlessness of the desert, colleagues and clients not only find each other, but also each other’s selves. Abundance becomes superfluous – restriction strengthens self-confidence and awakens archaic creativity: Freshly baked bread in the desert sand links more than any canteen coffee.

Check list

  • Avoidance of waste
  • Waste management
  • Office
  • Catering
  • Food sharing
  • Courtesy gift
  • Hand-outs, dockets, brochures and the like
  • Hotel and location

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Sustainability means diversity:

From recycling to carbon offsetting, all measures are adapted to your needs.

Our process is scalable:

From biros to solar power system that feeds your event location, in customer dialogue we develop together with the requirements.

Long-term developments:

Events and client-specific check lists enable long-term success – relevance and responsibility instead of scattergun approach and dubious outside services !

Check list

  • Waste management
  • Office
  • Challenge
  • Courtesy gift
  • Coffee
  • Lunchtime
  • Waste separation
  • Sustainability Day