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Hygiene concept

Well thought-out. Well planned. Reasonable.


No longer without a concept and/or hygiene plan: Currently they are the most important pillars for the event. We will work out a conclusive hygiene concept according to the following steps…

  • Where does the event take place ? We take the national ordinance and/or municipal and local regulations in consideration, and consult with the local authorities.
  • What type of event has been planned ? Are there any special requirements in the regulations for this type of event ?
  • Does the German federal state stipulate general or event-specific requirements ? Are there any model hygiene concepts in the German federal state ?
  • Are additional hygiene measures necessary and appropriate ?
  • Can the German hygiene measures be observed (AHA + L) = keep your distance, observe hygiene, wear a community mask (face covering) + air ?
  • Who is responsible for what with respect to the event ? Operator, organiser, employer …
  • Are the measures summarised in a document and individualised for the specific location and/or event ?
  • Do the hygiene concepts for events have to be coordinated with or submitted to an authority ?
  • Is it necessary to bring contracts or other documents into line with the hygiene concept ? It is important to bear in mind that the measures of the hygiene concept may change at any time due to the pandemic.
  •  oder andere Dokumente mit dem Hygienekonzept in Einklang gebracht werden? Diesbezüglich gilt zu bedenken, dass sich die Inhalte des Hygienekonzepts pandemiebedingt jederzeit ändern können.

The hygiene concept includes the following credit points:

  • Infection control concept
  • Training of all trades active on site
  • Communication of the concept to all service providers and participants
  • Consultation with the service providers
  • “Keep your distance” rule
  • Planning of the premises, travel capacities, parking areas, route concept
  • Registration & entry control of all participants (contactless if possible)
  • Possibly self-tests on site or proof of a negative test
  • Compulsory wearing of masks
  • Sneeze guard
  • Concept for dealing with sick persons and suspected cases
  • Cleaning and disinfection plan
  • Hygiene officer on site
  • Sufficient disinfection and washing facilities
  • Airing concept