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Technical coordination

Target-oriented. Innovative. Perfect. Within the budget.

Be it classical or audio-visual media, be it TED or tablet; be it face-to-face, hybrid or virtual, meeting app or other networking concepts – the Healthcare Convention Team has the practical experience to recommend targeted technology concepts for the success of your event.

Software that impresses …

… with a system for personalised interaction. It enables a modern way of communication between participants, speakers and hosts at events, meetings and conferences – aligned with your corporate design. By controlling the software using a mobile device (smart phone, tablet), you can integrate the following applications for your event:

  • Live voting system
  • Q&A / quiz function
  • Interactive work on individual “cases from practice”
  • Preparation of personalised agendas
  • Chats with other event participants
  • Ordering lectures by e-mail from the seat
  • On-site event evaluation

We believe in reliable partners as well as modern and innovative event technology. Planning and using the right technologies require a wide spectrum of experience.

  • Concepts to support didactic requirements
  • Innovative technologies to support processes and objectives
  • Interaction and dialogue concepts
  • Professional backup planning
  • Individual set-up (seating, technology) to suit your event

More than just colourful pictures

Ranging from a professional event website to an individual web registration – our multimedia all-round service offers you the opportunity to present your event on the web and to evaluate data quickly and easily.
Our experienced team as well as our partners will be happy to support you in the development and implementation of your customised multimedia concept:

  • Design of event websites
  • Creation of event-related web registrations
  • Continuous optimisation, support and reporting in multimedia formats
  • Integration of social networks or development of own communities